How to help

Bank Transfer or Check

In the USA

Tax deductible donations for the Center can be made out to:
P.E.F. Israel Endowment Funds, Inc.
630 Third Ave 15th Floor
New York, NY 10017
IRS No.: 13-6104086
Phone No.: 212-599-1260     

To make a bank transfer, send an email to: – they will send you banking details – please provide them with your name and address and Arugot’s name and non-profit no.: 58-0174225
(When donating to Arugot through P.E.F. please recommend that they transfer the donation to Arugot, Child and Family Development Center Non-profit no.: 58-0174225).
Only donations with the above details will reach Arugot.


In the UK

Tax deductible donations for the Center can be made out to:
Jewish Child’s Day
1st Floor, Elscot House

Arcadia Ave

London N3 2JU
Charity No.: 209266
Phone No.: +44(0)20-8446 8804   Email:
(Indicate that the contribution is for Arugot)


In Canada

Tax deductible donations: contact Ruthie –,-child-and-family-development-center


In Israel

16 Arlosoroff Street
P.O. Box 4294
Haifa 3104201
Registered as a non-profit organization (Amutah) No. 58-017-422-5

Bank Details:
Account Name: Arugot, Child & Family Development Center
Bank: 11 Discount
Branch: 107 Ramat Almogi
Address: 139 Einstein St., Haifa, Israel

For NIS donations:
Account no.: 3254528
IBAN: IL540111070000003254528

For US $ donations:
Account no: 0026254524
IBAN: IL790111070000026254524

For Euro donations:
Account no: 0017254525
IBAN: IL170111070000017254525



For further details contact Ruthie: 972-(4)-6888645


Fill in the details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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Call: Jewish Child’s Day – Ph. No. 



Donate via their website

Please fill in: Earmarked Arugot, so that the donation will reach us.

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