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  The Haifa Center welcomes visitors who can see the scope of our work from close-up. Our guests include foundation members, Municipal and Social Services representatives, donors and friends. news-0604-3                                    

Rabbi Meir Porush, Deputy Minister of Education                     Rafi Rone and Jonathan Hornstein, Weinberg Foundation Representatives

visit-us-Mr.-and-Mrs             Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Stern, P.E.F.                            Mr. and Mrs. David Collins, JCD   Recent visitors included:

  • Ester Korkus, Ministry of Education Inspector and Ruth Atlan, Supervisor
  • Mr. Oyvind Bernatek, Director of Help Jews Home visited Arugot and was impressed by all he saw. Help Jews Home, Norway supports the project for Ethiopian immigrant pupils.
  • Sigal Zioni, Education Portfolio, Haifa Municipality and Aryeh Blithental, Member of Haifa Municipality
  • Asher Melamed, CEO and Yehudit Schwart, Director of Association of Counsellors and Family Therapist in Israel
  • Mr. Shervin Setareh, Deputy Secretary General Baha’i World Center and Ms. Leva Irandoust, Employee Relations Officer
  • Neta Greitzer, Director of Beit Maya –  and her staff
  • Zehavit Nagar, Bazan – Oil Refineries Ltd.
  • Vili Birenbaum, Manager and Ariel Azougi, Deputy Manager from Bank Discount – Beit Hakranot Branch branch visited
  • Prof. Rivka Yahav, Head of Interdisciplinary Clinical Center, Haifa University
  • Yafit Sagiv, Head of Welfare Department, Israel Electric Corporation
  • Esther Korkus and Oranit Zaguri, Ministry of Education representatives
  • Ilana Truk and Naftali Fried, Haifa Municipality representatives
  • Lara Marisa Schuster and Kai Pieper, architecture students from Banhaus-Universitat Weimar
  • Tamar Shor, Social Worker, Director Milam Haifa, from Enosh, The Israeli Mental Health Association
  • Rafi Rone and Jonathan Hornstein, representing The Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Foundation
  • Rebekka Rodner, representing Help Jews Home, Norway
  • Itiel Bar Levy, Ministry of Education
  • Leora Asa, Haifa University
  • Dana Bagim, Aryeh Blitenthal, Moshe Cohen, and Truant Officers, Haifa Municipality
  • Dr. Tatiana Zalozik, Head of Mental Health Department and Elinor Regev, Director Mental Health Department, Klalit Health Services
  • Mr. Moshe Be’eri, Ezer Mitzion Representative
  • Shelly Menachem, representative of The Agnes & Beny Steinmetz Foundation
  • Mr. Oyvind Bernatek, Director of Help Jews Home, Norway visited our Center and Mitzpeh Elementary School
  • Peter and Mona Beck representing Help Jews Home, Norway
  • Adi Bachrach, Me’uchedet Health Services
  • Nino Amar, Employment Counselor, ‘RampUp’ – Employment Initiative for Young Adults with Disabilities
  • Daniel Rivkin, Ilana Burke, and Orit Amar,  Gar’in Torani, Hadar
  • Rabbi Meir Porush, Deputy Minister of Education together with Aryeh Blitenthal, Deputy Mayor of Haifa
  • Ms. Ruth Reiner, Faculty of Communication Disorders, Student Coordinator, Haifa University
  • Mr. Shervin Setareh, Deputy Secretary General Baha’i World Center and Mr. Gordon Picotte
  • Dr. Esther Carmel Hakim, International School, Haifa University
  • R’ Aryeh Blitenthal, Deputy Mayor of Haifa and R’ Yehoshua Rochberger, Haifa Municipality Representative
  • Eyal Malyon, CEO Foundation Atlas
  • Anat Ben-Tzvi, Rehabilitation Department, Social Services, Haifa Municipality
  • Dr. Moshe Kramer and groups from Germany
  • Erik and Jennifer Bittner, Gateways Organization, Boston
  • Mr. Jalal Hatami and Mr. Gordon Picotte, Baha’i World Center
  • Yael Nediv Savyon, Tami Chaskalovitz, Teresa Taylor, Oranit Zagouri, Osnat Levine, Allocations Committee, Haifa Municipality
  • Mr. Avi Wurtzman, Deputy Minister of Education and Mr. Shai Blumenthal
  • Doron Sakal, Education Department, Haifa Municipality
  • Ms. Raz Parker, Social Worker, Haifa Municipality
  • Dr. Rachel Lutzati, Director, Klalit Health Services, Northern Area
  • Leah Marom and Anat Konus, Klalit Health Services
  • Prof. Mira Karnieli, Head of the Education Department, Oranim Academic College, Tivon
  • Yael Dvir, Occupational Therapy Coordinator and Tali Yarmias, Maccabi Health Services
  • Dalia Zfania, Head of Matya; Chani Friedman, Early Childhood Education; and Tereza Taylor, Psychologist, Haifa Municipality
  • Dr. Melissa Landa, lecturer, University of Maryland
  • Mr. Danny Steiner, Principal, Netiv Eliezer Carmel 
  • Prof. Cheryl Zlotnick, Associate Professor, Department of Nursing, Haifa University
  • Ester Korkus, Inspector,  and Oranit Zaguri, Supervisor, Ministry of Education
  • Ilana Meler and Yitchak Shami, Rotary Moriah
  • Dassi Gordon and Ahava Winston, NITZA
  • Dr. Sara Shachaf and Dr. Efrat Dagan, Department of Nursing, Haifa University
  • Geoffrey Stern, President P.E.F. Israel Endowment Funds, Inc and his wife Orna
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Collins, Jewish Child’s Day, England
  • Yael Weiss, Director, Benmai Investments
  • Dr. Stan Goldman, The Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Foundation
  • Mr. Zohar Goren Aharon and Mr. Danny Malei Ron ,El”i
  • Mr. Eran Dubovi, Mr. Doron Sakal, Ms. Tali Steinberg, and Mr. Gabi Nagosi, Education Department, Haifa Municipality
  • Carole Glauber and Mrs. Chana Maister, from the United States together with Stuart and Hadassa Palmer
  • A crew from Jewish Child’s Day who came to film the center for their gala fundraising event.
  • Ilana Meler and Judy Katz, Rotary Carmel
  • Orna Alshech, Director, Israel Glencore Foundation
  • Mr. Doron Magen, Clinical Social Worker
  • Libby Hayes, Haifa Boston Connection delegate and Director of “Homes for Families”
  • Dr. Panchaud, representing the Swiss Emouna Foundation together with Dr. and Mrs. Chappuis, previous Swiss Ambassador to Israel
  • Rabbi Michael Alfer, Degel HaTorah representative, Haifa Municipality
  • Mr. Jalal Hatami, Deputy Secretary General,  Baha’i World Center
  • Iris Kuper,  Rehabilitation Department, Social Services
  • Hadas Rabinowitz, Director of Matya, Education Department, Haifa Municipality
  • Shlomo Taylor, Carmel Olefins
  • Debbie Gross, Director, Crisis Center for Religious Women
  • Rachel Ziv, Haifa Women’s Crisis Shelter
  • Hadas Dagan Blum, Women for Women
  • Betty Boucris, Principal, Yavneh School

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