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Arugot, Child & Family Development Center provides a range of therapy solutions for hundreds of children, from low income families, who suffer from developmental delays, learning disabilities and emotional problems.

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Secure tax deductible donations in Israel – Registered non-profit 58-017422-5 (Section 46) U.S.A. through P.E.F. Endowment Funds Inc. U.K. through Jewish Child's Day Canada through Keren Ne'eman

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The therapeutic “green space” in a Therapy Garden provides a sensory experience that enables children to reach their therapy goals while connecting to nature. In the planning stages – to establish a garden for Nature Therapy on the roof of the building that houses The Assessment and Therapy Center and will be used by emotional and occupational therapists.

Occupational Therapy enables children and adults to gain daily life skills and achieve an optimal level of functioning. Emotional wellbeing in children is directly connected to their ability to reach developmental milestones and attain motor and communication skills that are age appropriate. Arugot has 5 occupational therapy rooms which serve the needs of hundreds of children every year.

According to research, early assessment of developmental delays and implementing intervention programs, in the area of sensory motor development and language, for young children can jumpstart their development and enable them to be part of mainstream society.Arugot’s multi-disciplinary staff work in regular preschools in the community to assess and treat children with delays, even before they are noticed by parents and teachers.

A significant number of children will suffer from a developmental delay or emotional problem by the age of 16. According to experts, without professional intervention, these problems will not disappear by themselves and if untreated will escalate into more serious disorders, negatively impacting daily function.

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