Learning and Therapy Center

Paramedical Treatments

Paramedical Treatments help children overcome a range of developmental delays. Arugot is recognized by Health Services as a service provider; these treatments are funded by health insurance.

Occupational Therapy addresses sensory integration, delays in hand-eye coordination, gross and fine motor performance, organizational skills, planning, and more. Therapists work with children using a range of techniques including big equipment and box games.

Sensory play experiences support cognitive development, language development, gross and fine motor skills, social and emotional skills – stimulating multiple senses at the same time. Sensory materials and experiences can be wonderfully engaging, calming and grounding. Examples of materials: shredded paper, bubble wrap, cooked pasta/spaghetti, finger paint, sequin fabric, water, sand, kinetic sand, putty, playdough, shaving cream, water beads, slime.

Also in use isTimocco in the Occupational Therapy program. Timocco is a cutting-edge virtual motion gaming system that accelerates the development of motor and cognitive skills including: bi-lateral coordination, crossing midline, hand-eye coordination, attention, posture, visual discrimination, early learning, communication, short term memory, and team work.


Speech Pathology addresses language delays and speech impairments.

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