Multi-disciplinary Early Intervention Program

Multi-disciplinary Early Intervention Program

Approximately 10% of children in Israel suffer from a significant developmental delay, while only 3 – 4 % are assessed and treated by age 6. Children from the lower socio-economic strata are especially at risk for developing gaps in different areas of development.

The research shows that early assessment of developmental delays and implementing intervention programs for young children can jumpstart their development and enable them to be part of mainstream society.

This project takes a multifaceted approach with staff that includes: speech therapists, occupational therapists and developmental psychologists who sent to regular preschools to assess children, in their natural setting, and together with educational staff of the preschool, provide professional intervention.

The project is a cooperative venture between Arugot and Haifa University Interdisciplinary Clinical Center, directed by Prof. Rivka Yahav who built the model and received the Recanati-Chais-Rashi Award in 2009 for the Entrepreneur Teacher and Social Worker.


With your help we can reach out to more children and give them crucial help!


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