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Remedial Tutoring

Didactic Remedial Tutoring for Children with Learning Disabilities

One out of ten children suffers from learning disabilities, with some specialists claiming that the number is even higher, affecting 15% of the population. Children who fail at school tend to develop emotional problems and behavioral difficulties. Arugot has adopted a holistic approach to the total child, viewing each child as a “world unto himself”. Children are referred to the Center in a number of ways: by school and preschool teachers, by local doctors and health services, through the Psychology Department of the Municipality, and through word of mouth in the local community. Once a child comes to the Center, the staff will assess him to ascertain areas of difficulty.

A multi-disciplinary team of more than 30 therapists and teaching specialists designs a unique program for each child, choosing from a wealth of therapeutic tools.

Remedial Didactic Tutoring addresses problems of dyslexia, dysgraphia, and numeracy. Children who are not ready for first grade receive help to prepare them for the challenges ahead of them when starting school.

School Readiness 

In view of the amazing success of Social Skills Groups, and using the group model, our staff has added a new form of group therapy to the services we offer at Arugot. During the vacation, groups of preschool graduates, scheduled to start first grade in September, participate in innovative groups that simulate a classroom. The room is set up as a real classroom with tables and chairs, children come with a school bag and school supplies and the ringing of the bell indicates the end of a lesson. An occupational therapist teaches organizational skills, while a remedial teacher teaches how to interact with teachers and peers and general behavior that is accepted in the classroom, but new to children after spending 3 years in a preschool.


The Center treats 400  at risk youngsters every year, age 4 – 18, mostly from large families with low incomes. Many of the children need multiple treatments. The advantage for children who learn at Arugot is that a range of treatments is available under one roof, with co-operation between the various therapists. Parents save valuable time and energy not having to take their children to different locations for different treatments. Early assessment and intervention can do much to prevent the escalation of problems. The overall aim is to enable children to overcome their difficulties, reach their full potential, and become self-sufficient contributing citizens in Israeli society.

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