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If you are looking for a way to make a significant contribution to society-
join our volunteers who give of their time and hearts to the Center.

Volunteer in the area of your interest:

  • Volunteer through National Service/Sheirut Leumi
  • Work with children in Day Care Center or in a preschool

For further details contact or: 04-6888644


We introduce you to some of our devoted volunteers:

Stuart and Hadassa Palmer, as residents of Haifa, were devoted volunteers. Always looking for interesting ways to raise funds to cover the costs of our various projects, they  organized 6 fundraising walks and a charity concert. Since they left Haifa they continue to raise funds for Arugot by collecting empty bottles, together with their new neighbours and friends and sending Arugot the proceeds from the deposits of returned bottles.

Mr. Eli Hartman, Director of The Blind Society, volunteers at The Haifa Center as a strategic advisor and is a Board Member.

Dr. Cheryl Zlotnick, Associate Professor at Haifa University, voluntarily charts our statistics when we evaluate the results of our work with children.

Dr. Ronald Jacobowitz, renowned American pianist (and mathematician!) entertained the audience with his piano recital at a Charity Concert, initiated and organized by Stuart and Hadassa Palmer.

Zehava Litovsky by combining her love of nature and vast general knowledge, together with her youthful energy, is the perfect guide. She has led all 6 of our fundraising walks, guides our children and staff on field trips, and visits the Center regularly, taking an active interest in all activities.
Elsa Mervin ob”m: She used her love for animals to create a Pet Corner that is the basis of our Animal Assisted Therapy program. Even during the war in the summer of 2006, Elsa made special trips to the Center to make sure that the animals were cared for. For 23 years, Elsa used to groom and feed the animals and take them regularly to the veterinary specialist for vaccinations. In addition, Elsa functioned as a housemother ensuring the smooth running of the Center.

Yehuda z”l and Diane Romm: Yehuda z”l, an American Rabbi used to spend part of the year in Haifa, volunteering at Arugot. His two hobbies – photography and gardening – found expression here. Using his expertise in photography, he taught children how to get to know their surroundings through the lens of a camera by running photography courses for youngsters. Yehuda also sponsored Tu B’Shvat events in which children  decorated flowerpots and planted different plants in them to give as gifts. Our special thanks to his wife Diane who has helped in the area of fundraising.

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