2023 – Parents Week at Arugot

2023 –  Cooperative venture with Haifa University – Pnina Berkowitz, Director of Arugot, participating in leadership course at Haifa University under the auspices of the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy, and Strategy at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzlia (IDC).

2022 – Renovating Pet Corner for Animal Assisted Therapy

2021 – Establishing Therapy Garden on roof of Therapy Center for Nature Therapy

2020 – Opening 5th special ed. preschool in September 2020, located in new building allocated by Haifa Municipality

2020 Celebrating 30th Anniversary – 3 decades of service and commitment to the community

2019 – Expanding project:”Jumpstarting Preschoolers – Assessment and Early Intervention”

2018 – Establishing “Friends of Arugot” Steering Committee

2018 – Dr. Gail Suskin, Therapy Coordinator, lectured at two International Conferences in China, at the Yan’an Vocational & Technical College and in Shenzhen on the topic of “Integrating the Creative Arts in Early Childhood Education”

2018 -Establishing project in conjunction with Haifa University in regular preschools: “Jumpstarting Preschoolers – Assessment and Early Intervention”

2018 – Opening 4th Developmental Preschool

2018 – Reopening project in Shelter for Battered Women, in conjunction with Haifa University – therapies for women in shelter

2018 –  Students from Haifa University specialize at Arugot

2018 -Opening a second branch of Arugot in Afula

2018  – Music Therapy

2017 – Dr. Gail Suskin, Therapy Coordinator, lectured at an International Conference in Bijie, Guizhou – China at the Bijie Preschool Education College on the topic of Early Childhood Education

2017 – Participation in ECARTE International Conference in Poland – “Traditions in Transition” – New Articulations in the Arts Therapies

2017 – Establishing  “Open Space” Forum for professional multi-disciplinary discussion

2017 – Groups for School Readiness

2017 – Couples Therapy

2016/17 – Opening afterschool program for Developmental Preschools

2016/17 – Sand Tray Therapy incorporated into all types of treatments

2016 – Introducing The Greenspan Floortime Approach – D.I.R. to Developmental Preschools

2016 – “Sharing can be Healing” –  A range of Group Therapies for children and adults including – Social Skills Groups, School Readiness Groups, Support Groups for Parents

2016 – Introducing ABA in Developmental Preschools (Applied Behavior Analysis)

2016 – “My Precious Child” – project for mothers and their developmentally delayed children in Day Care Center

2016 – Science Project in Alumot Developmental Preschool: “The Little Scientist”


2015 – Announcing new name: Arugot

2015 – Didactic Remedial Therapies for children in Shelter for Battered Women sponsored by Rotary Moriah Branch

2015 – Introducing Water Therapy


2014 – Celebrating 25th Anniversary


2013 – Opening new, upgraded Snoezelen Room

2013 – Children in Early Childhood Center receive emotional therapies from Haifa University students

2013 – New approach: combining Occupational Therapy with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

2013 – Shelters for Battered Women: Emotional Therapies for Women including parental guidance and dyad therapy (mother-child) in conjunction with Rotary Moriah Branch

2013 – Opening third Developmental Preschool


2012 – Woman to Woman

2012 – Students from Haifa University do their practical work at Haifa Center


2011 – Launching: project for children in Haifa shelters for battered women

2011 – Home Visitation Program

2011 – Mentoring Program for boys who lack father figure at home in conjunction with “Big Brothers Big Sisters – Haifa”

2011 – Further expansion of Ethiopian At-Risk Youth project to include expressive therapies


2010 – Expanding co-operative ventures with a number of organizations, including: Schneider Children’s Medical Center, Rambam Health Care Campus, Bnei Zion Medical Center, Haifa Women’s Crisis Shelter, Women For Women – The Haifa Shelter for Battered Women, Neve Sha’anan Community Cultural Center


2009 – Open Day to celebrate 20th Anniversary

2009 – Expanding Project for Ethiopian At-Risk Youth


2008 – Groups to enhance Social Skills

2008 – Language Intensive Preschool for children with developmental delays in the area of speech and language. A second rent-free building granted for this purpose by the municipality.

2008 – Prize for “Outstanding Contribution Education”

2008 – Snoezelen Room Symposium – Germany


2007 – Bridging Gaps for Ethiopian Immigrant Pupils

2007 – Ma’on Shachar in conjunction with Elwyn Israel


2006 – Treating War Trauma in Snoezelen Room for trauma victims in wake of the Second Lebanon War

2006 – Animal Assisted Therapy


2005 – Seminars and workshops for educators and parents


2004 – Gardening Therapy

2004 – Mo’adonit (after school framework) for Russian Immigrant At-Risk Youngsters


2003 – Opening of Developmental Preschool for graduates of Integrated Day Care Center unable to be mainstreamed in regular frameworks


2001 – William Trump Recognition Award


2000 – Opening of the Snoezelen Room

2000 – Establishing: Integrated Day Care Center for handicapped toddlers and their typically developing peers


1999 – Today’s building – 16 Arlosoroff Street.
This rent-free building was allocated to us by the Haifa Municipality in recognition of the importance of our work in the local community. The building is a historic site, designed by Alexander Berwald and built in 1930. Called Izkovitch House, it is named after Aliza and Dr. Yitzchak Izkovitch, one of the first Jewish physicians in Haifa and one of the founders of the Israel Medical Association. The offices of the Community Committee were located in the building and after that, the Haifa Rabbinate until the end of the 1970’s.


1996 – Music Therapy


1992  –   Introducing – Speech Therapy and Art Therapy


1991 – Our second building – 4 Herzog Street


1990 – Cornerstone Ceremony – 22 Bezalel Street

1990  –  Spreading the Word


1989 – The Idea is Born: The Center was established in 1989 by Jeremiah Lubasch, MD, local pediatrician, as a non-profit to answer a need which he recognized within the local community.

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