Early Childhood Center

Early Childhood Center comprising a Day Care Center and a Network of 4 Developmental Preschools answers the needs in the community.

Day Care Center for children of working mothers. This full day program is funded by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services and enables mothers to work, while their children receive the best care. This program is filled to capacity with a long waiting list.

Preschool Network for children with delays boasting a 75 – 80% success rate of mainstreaming in regular classes once children graduate to first grade. Children benefit from Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Pet Therapy, and musical activities -while enjoying regular preschool activities. The pupil-teacher ratio is especially low enhancing individual attention and maximizing success. Due to long waiting lists, we recently opened a 4th preschool. For this purpose a building was rented and renovated, equipment was purchased and staff hired.

Call: Jewish Child’s Day – Ph. No. 



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