How to help


Many at-risk families accessing services at Arugot have low incomes, which prevent them from taking the full range of treatments, or from treating all families members in need. Some begin treatment but choose to stop before optimal results are achieved. A scholarship fund provides help for children from needy families. In some cases, parents cannot pay even nominal fees and we fundraise to cover the costs. We invite you to donate to this fund. Our children are the adults of the future! We cannot turn any child away due to lack of resources.

Help us enable them to benefit from professional help that will pave the way to a successful future.


Child with Learning Disabilities

Per week – NIS 150/$40
Per month – NIS 600/$160
Per year – NIS 5,400/$1,440


Child with Emotional Problems

Per week – NIS 285/$75
Per month – NIS 1,140/$300
Per year – NIS 10,260/$2,700


Child with Developmental Delays

Per week – NIS 445/$120
Per month – NIS 1,780/$480
Per year – NIS 16,020/$4,320


Child with Complex Problems

Per week – NIS 595/$155
Per month – NIS 2760/$620
Per year – NIS 21,420/$5,580


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