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Help Shirley Succeed

shirli-1“If you don’t go for professional help, Shirley will not progress”, said the teacher to Shirley’s mother after an exhausting day in the preschool.
“She disturbs the smooth running of all our activities, she doesn’t allow other children to play and work, and she causes damage to herself and to those around her.”
Shirley’s mother realized that the time had come to take action. She approached Arugot and made an appointment for a professional assessment. This was followed by meetings with staff members to build Shirley a specially tailored program, which includes emotional therapy, occupational therapy, and guidance for Shirley’s mother.
For the first month, Shirley’s mother, a single mom, managed to scrape together enough money to fund treatment. But that was all she could pay. Is Shirley’s future lost? Is she not entitled to help that will allow her to join her friends in a regular learning framework? Is life not hard enough for her, living alone with her mother, without letting her problems go unattended?

Help us help Shirley at a cost of NIS 1,400/$370  per month or NIS 12,600/$3,330 per year


Help Kobi Succeed

kobi-1Kobi is 6 years old, and began preschool together with his peers. After a short while his teacher sent him for an assessment and it was found that he had a developmental delay. The
problems manifested themselves in lack of balance, lack of hand-eye coordination, and more. He also had emotional problems as a result of a fall from the window of their home, he was saved miraculously.
His parents, who have a large family, are both unemployed. Because the family situation is abusive, two children are in foster care. Kobi lives at home with some of his siblings.
The Health Services fund Occupational Therapy for Kobi, but he urgently needs additional intervention such as emotional therapy, preparation for first grade to close learning gaps, and his parents need parental guidance.
All these costs need to be covered and we are fundraising to help Kobi become a successful pupil, which will ultimately enable him to become a productive citizen, part of mainstream society, leading a normal life. Will you give Kobi a chance to succeed?

Help us help Kobi at a cost of NIS 1,250/$330 per month or NIS 11,440/$2,970 per year


Help Ron Succeed

ron-1Ron is 8 years old and he came to Arugot with many difficulties. His mother is married for the second time, and the complex family situation has only aggravated his problems. Ron is small for his age – his growth is stunted, he sucks his thumb, and his speech is unclear and hesitant.  He has 5 weekly treatments: Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, remedial math lessons, reading reinforcement, and an emotional therapist. In addition, he is treated by private doctors (neurologist, psychiatrist) covering all spheres of his complicated situation.
Help us enable Ron to get the maximum from his treatment plan. By participating in a full program of therapy at Arugot, Ron can overcome his developmental delays and become a successful adult, without being a burden on society.

Help us help Ron at a cost of NIS 1,700/$450 or NIS 15,300/$4,050 per year


Help Yaniv Succeed

yaniv-1At the age of 4 it became official – Yaniv was finally assessed as suffering from ASD (on the Autism spectrum).  Now everyone understood what lay behind his strange hand movements, temper tantrums, and indifference to situations that require emotion. The outcome of the assessment was clear. But a way to treat Yaniv was difficult to find. Luckily, Yaniv’s cousin receives treatment at Arugot, and his mother – knowing that Arugot staff will move mountains to help a child succeed – suggested they try that route. Yaniv received a comprehensive treatment plan, and now it is up to you to help us help him…  Will Yaniv remain behind, or will he progress and develop? Will he grow, blossom and flourish and become a flower in our flower bed?

Help us help Yaniv at a cost of NIS 1,400/$370 or NIS 12,600/$3,330 per year


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