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Additional Projects

Sponsor a new program and make an impact on the lives of at-risk children and the entire society.
Your donation will enhance the lives of others.


Bridging Gaps for Ethiopian Immigrant Pupils

This program, established in 2008, provides Intensive Didactic Instruction and Emotional Therapies to Ethiopian Immigrant pupils in 4 Elementary Schools located in Haifa. The professional staff at Arugot enables immigrant pupils to integrate into the Israeli school system and gives them the tools to continue their education, ultimately becoming successful, self-supporting members of society. Donate to this program so that we can expand and include more schools, reaching out to additional children.

A donation of $10,000 enables us to cover the costs of one school with 20 pupils.


Outreach in the Community

The purpose of this program is to increase awareness in the community on a variety of issues:

  • the importance of early intervention and going for therapy
  • the idea that therapy is a process and not an instant success
  • the role of parents and professionals in the child’s development
  • the importance of play as a tool for learning and development
  • the importance of cooperation between the school and the therapy staff (in this case – staff at Arugot)
  • the rights of children with developmental delays

To this end – Arugot will be organizing:

  • 4 evenings for parents of school age children which will take place at our Center – showing them our Center and explaining our services, hands-on workshops to get a taste of the different kinds of therapies available
  • 4 evenings for parents of preschool children which will take place at our new preschool – explaining what a developmental preschool can achieve, who is eligible, giving parents a chance to meet with Allocations Committee officials, getting to know their rights, and what help they are entitled to
  • Open House Day for professionals in the north – lectures, workshops, professional panel, brainstorming sessions
  • Lectures and workshops for teachers – to inform them of our services and when to refer children, to emphasize the importance of indirect instruction such as play, to emphasize the importance of mediation using the Feuerstein method, learning strategies for Attention Deficit children, to emphasize the importance of cooperation and teamwork between all those involved with the challenged child

Sponsor one evening for parents: NIS 2,900/$ 760
Sponsor one evening in the community: NIS 9,700/$ 2,550


Empowering Women and Entire Families – New Project

Mothers shoulder the burden of child raising, often juggling between many tasks – working outside of the home to make a living in addition to the running of the home. In order to empower women and give them the tools to cope with the many challenges they face we have planned a comprehensive intervention program. The project includes:

  • Dance/Movement Therapy Model for Women (Stage 1)
  • Individual Emotional Therapy – Snoezelen Room Therapy, CBT (Stage 2)
  • Dyadic Therapy (mother-child)
  • Home Visitation Project
  • Parental Guidance Course

One Dance/Movement Group:
NIS 5,470/$1,440
One Support Group for Parents: NIS 1,200/$315
One Parenting Skills Course: NIS 1,920/$500


Children in Shelters for Battered Women

Ongoing project: Our professional and experienced staff has been providing Assessments and Remedial Didactic help to children living in a shelter for battered women. Children in Shelters for Battered Women are considered the forgotten victims of society – emphasis is placed on providing for the needs of mothers and the turmoil and distress of their children often go unnoticed. We are here to help these children. In the past, we provided therapies for young children – preparing them for first grade or  providing help in the lower classes. With a change in policy by authorities, shelters are now accepting older children with their mothers and a new need arose to help adolescent children. The needs of this age group are significantly more complicated as they deal with their own issues typical of adolescence. We offer you the opportunity to help children and adolescents who have been exposed to violence, some victims of violence themselves, some witnesses to the suffering of their mothers – Help Us Help Them!

By donating $8,000 we will be able to expand this program to include more children and their mothers with much needed therapies.


Lending Library – Educational Games and Resources for children at our Center

 The majority of children at our Center come from underprivileged and poor homes. The awareness to buy toys and games is often minimal. We provide parental guidance and workshops to emphasize the importance of play: to enhance cognitive and physical development, to build social skills, and for recreation. We plan to purchase games and educational resources and establish a lending library. Parents will be able to borrow games and return them to our Center, taking others in their place. In this way, they will be exposed to a wide range of resources. In addition, an occupational therapist will explain to parents how to use the games in a way that is both beneficial and fun. This is a way to bring together entire families.

Complete lending library: NIS 4,940/$1,300
Didactic Resources: NIS 1,400/$370
Construction Toys: NIS 2,100/$550
Cooperative Games: NIS 600/$160
Book Shelves: NIS 1,700/$450


Sponsor the purchase of books

Books are needed for a number of purposes:

  1. Children’s books for those who spend time in the waiting room
  2. Books on early intervention for parents who wait in the waiting room for their children
  3. Professional literature for the staff

Professional Literature NIS 12,250/$3,200
Children’s BooksNIS 3,000/$790
Parental Guidance Books NIS 2,050/$540
Book Shelves NIS 4,450/$1,170


Musical Activities in Development Preschool Network

Children in Special Ed. frameworks do not pay tuition. However, musical activities are not part of the curriculum and not funded by government agencies. In order to give children in our preschools a weekly hour of enrichment – movement to music, parents have to pay nominal fees to cover the costs. Our children come from the lowest socio-economic strata and many cannot pay for this fun activity that enhances development in an indirect way.

Fund activities for one preschool for one year at a cost of: NIS 3,000/$790

Fill in the details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.