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Bridging Gaps for Ethiopian Immigrant Pupils

Bridging Educational and Cultural Gaps – Ethiopian Immigrant Pupils at Arugot

Following the influx of new immigrants from Ethiopia to Israel, with many of them settling in Haifa within close proximity to Arugot, we realized that much could be done to help this population.

Government studies have found that all Ethiopian pupils – be they recent immigrants, or born in Israel to immigrant parents – are below accepted classroom standards. Unfortunately, as they grow older, their learning gaps increase.

As of 2008, Arugot has been running an off campus, tuition free,  program for Ethiopian pupils in need of extra tutoring to catch up with school work and reach the level of their Israeli peers. Our expert staff goes out to 2 Haifa schools and provides 30 pupils with intensive didactic remedial help. Emotional Therapies, in a group setting, address distress that arises when children deal with a myriad of problems connected to school and family.

At Netiv Eliezer Carmel Elementary School there are 9 new pupils who have just arrived straight from Ethiopia. They have absolutely no knowledge of Hebrew and are confused by a new western society. We have stepped in the give the necessary help.

The aim of this project is to ensure the emotional well being of pupils and to help them integrate into their new schools, and become successful students – paving the way to a successful future.

2017 – Arugot donated school bags to children participating in this project

Our special thanks to foundations who have helped make so much possible:

Doris Pacey Charitable Foundation and the Dr Michael & Anna Brynberg Charitable Foundation

Help Jews Home, Norway

March 2019


Visit of Mr. Oyvind Bernatek from Help Jews Home, Norway to Arugot.

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