Arugot, Child and Family Development Center is a non-profit organization helping at-risk children, adolescents, and entire families cope with emotional problems, learning difficulties, and developmental delays, using a range of treatment interventions. Our goal is to provide the opportunities for a successful and promising future.

Early Childhood Center

A Day Care Center and a Developmental Preschool Network – offering nurturing programs for children with developmental delays.

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Learning and Therapy Center

The Center offers didactic remedial instruction, emotional therapies, and para-medical treatments for at-risk children with learning difficulties studying in regular educational frameworks .

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Snoezelen Therapy Unit

A unique therapeutic medium using multi-sensory stimuli in a non-threatening environment, and drawing from a number of therapeutic methods: Dance/Movement Therapy, Trauma Therapy, and more.

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Community Outreach

Programs and Workshops for parents, teachers, and school principals in the local community, promoting awareness on the importance of Early Intervention and treatment .

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